About Us


  • Provide superior expertise in the space of SME investments and SME support services to start-ups, growing businesses and mature businesses
  • Supply sustainable and innovative solutions in the SME investment and support services space
  • Supply cost effective and tailor suited solutions to its clients.
  • Promote and maintain the culture of service excellence within the SME investment and SME support services space
  • Help leverage the country’s growth buoyancy to far beyond the mainstream economy, thereby stimulating and supporting growth within the SME sector.
  • The business model we apply is aptly suited to grow others as we are a collective of budding young entrepreneurs with the common goal of helping other entrepreneurs grow.

We share in the passion of you, the start-up, the growing business and even the mature business. By applying our innovative business strategies and aligning ourselves with the best service providers available, you can continue with focussing on the core of your business without the stress of worrying about the nitty-gritty stuff.